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Pirate’s Festival


ARCHER, John Rose (1697-June 2nd, 1724)

John Rose Archer was born in Newfoundland in 1697.    He was a fisherman by trade, but longed for a life of adventure. After a long night of ale and debauchery at a local tavern,...


Constable Heartless 1640-1718

  I am known by the name Constable Heartless. I believe that I was born in England a year or two before the hostilities of the First English Civil War began in 1642. I...

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For the Brew

Opening of the new Downtown Brewry!

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The members of the Blackbeard’s Crew are getting extremely excited about the 2017 Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival. We obtained the title of having the third best pirate gathering on the planet even beating the...