DTH has personnel with over 30 years of combined experience in the construction
industry, DTH has a fundamental leadership approach that is based on the needs of
our customers by providing personnel and services that exceed expectations. DTH
follows these key principles:

1. Quality workforce. Hiring, training, and retaining the most qualified and experienced

2. Dedicated Management. Our team has over 100 years of combined Federal
Government experience. Placement of highly competent senior managers in handson
leadership roles and providing them with authority for quick and efficient decisionmaking.

3. Compliance and Conformity. Keen understanding of the importance to government
best business practices, specifications, regulations (safety and quality control) and
guidelines. Our personnel include professionals who have completed training in the
US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Construction Quality Control Management
(CQCM), OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training, HAZWOPER and CPR and First Aid.

4. Skilled Subcontractors. Each subcontractor is evaluated through a vetting process
of Subcontractor Pre-Qualification, which encompasses documentation that validates
positive performance and three references to assist us in determining if the
subcontractor is a good fit for your project. Our goal is to build last relationships with
both our customers and subcontractors in order to deliver consistent quality and
service. We understand that service to our customers and community establishes and
maintains the path of our continued success.